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Best Wedding Photography 2016 // Review Of The Year

2016. What an awesome year! It certainly has been a year to remember for many, many reasons. Each year I like to throw a little compilation tape together, a highlights reel if you will. So, here is my ‘Best wedding photography 2016‘ collection.   Putting this post together was extremely difficult. To whittle 65,000 photographs down to 170 was…

Best wedding photography 2015 | Review of the year

Well here it is folks, my best wedding photography 2015, review of the year and what a year it has been! The whole journey has been a blast and I’ve loved every moment. Ive photographed everywhere from old farm houses to grand estates, from park weddings to historical sites. This is my story… Over the year, I’ve…

My Review Of The Year – Wedding Photography 2014

Wedding photography 2014 will go down as a very successful year meeting some wonderful people, getting many images published and building up to becoming one of Kent’s leading wedding photographers. Over the years I have photographed everyone from Noel Gallagher on stage at Brixton Academy to Angelina Jolie announcing her new adopted child. But 2013 was…