Hey, I’m Ross, an award-winning UK wedding photographer based in Kent within the UK, capturing luxury weddings for romantic and stylish couples all over the world.

My photography is a unique blend of contemporary art, fashion, and reportage. I’m driven by inspiration from architecture, fashion, and documentary photography. I aim to infuse my pictures with a naturally romantic and stylish look while keeping the images modern and timeless.


With a commitment to storytelling throughout my photography, I aim to blend the beauty of picturesque locations, with the unique narrative of each couple, turning moments into timeless works of art.

My ethos is to not merely document a wedding, but to curate a portfolio that mirrors the beauty, fashion and emotion inherent in every celebration.

From the intricate details of the dress, to the beautiful architecture of the venue – I aim to capture the elegance and grandeur of a wedding day and transport a wedding couple back in time to those priceless moments in all their detail.


Drawing from my background in music and press photography, my style of portrait leans towards a more editorial and stylish feel. With a little help from me, we can create some beautiful, modern and romantic images that could quite easily be published in various fashion magazines.

For me, your wedding gallery is more than just looking through pictures of your beautiful wedding. It’s about reliving and feeling the emotions of the happiest day of your life. It’s about getting those butterflies back, those smiles, and possibly those happy tears. It’s about feeling you are there all over again.

Analog 35mm Film

Since as far back as I can recall, I’ve been drawn to the allure of film photography. My fondest memories from childhood are immortalised on rolls of film, encompassing everything from grand occasions like family holidays, birthdays, and weddings to everything that weaves the tapestry of my past.

There’s an indescribable magic in the captured moments between loved ones that evoked so much emotion by analogue film. It’s that magic that makes analogue film incredible for weddings. 

I trained in film. I worked professionally in film. I can tell you the whimsical light leaks to the grain, dust and perfect imperfections, make each image a singular work of art. 

For me, the depth and richness of analogue 35mm film simply cannot be matched. So I offer a hybrid of film + digital in some of my wedding packages.


As an International and UK wedding photographer, I am genuinely honoured to be in a position where I get to photograph stunning weddings all over the world. I’ve had the privilege to have seen and worked in some breathtaking places – from beautiful Lake Como in Italy, to the gorgeous sands of Morocco.

If you are a modern and fashionable couple looking for a wedding photographer, whether it’s for a luxury wedding here in the UK, or a beautiful wedding abroad, drop me a line, and let’s see if I’m available for your date.