Wedding at Farbridge in West Sussex // Amy and Tom

Amy and Tom enjoyed a gorgeous summer wedding at Farbridge in West Sussex. This was such a great wedding, with non-stop laughter and fun all around. Amy and Tom, you guys smashed it! Congratulations! What a wedding! Check it all out below.

First names: Amy Mitchell (Howell) & Thomas Howell
Ages: 30 
Wedding date: 30.06.22
Venue: Farbridge Barns, Chichester. 

How did you guys meet, tell me all?

We met at Lewes College in the common room in 2008, Amy remembers Tom from his very blonde highlights and Tom remembers Amy from how much he fancied her, we became really good friends from then on. 

Tom openly admits that he fancied Amy for years while at college but we remained just friends, and despite Amy saying that they were just friends at  parties sometimes we would end up kissing and then next day go back to being just friends. Haha. 

After two years of different relationships we finally went from friendship to something more and in 2010 we finally started to date. 

As we approach 12 years together, we will finally become husband and wife but still remain the best of friends. 

Mr and Mrs Howell. 

How did you get engaged, is there a cool story?

We went on holiday to Toms parents family home in spain, which is a really sentimental place for us all. 

He booked us an overnight stay at a local spa hotel that we all often go to for dinners, we booked this a bit of a treat while on holiday (so amy thought). 

Tom had organised for candles, champagne and flowers to be in the room. The initial plan so tom thought was to go ready to the hotel for drinks and dinner and be ready by the afternoon.  

Amy wanted to sunbathe and book a bed by the pool, so Amy went to the hotel in her beach attire, not looking her finest due to preparing to tan. Tom couldn’t convince Amy to get ready for the night early without making it obvious so rolled with it, heading to the hotel himself all ready for a nice dinner and drinks and Amy smothered in tanning oil. 

When arriving at the room, Amy just thought the flowers and champagne were just a nice treat. While taking a photo of the view from the balcony, Tom took this opportunity to get down on one knee behind Amy. 

Where he asked her to marry him, he then became unable to talk and froze. 

Amy said yes and joined Tom on the floor.

Amy didn’t get to tan that afternoon haha.  

We then drunk all of the champagne and celebrated.

What made you choose your wedding venue, did you look at many?

We initially wanted to get married abroad but when we thought about how important to have all of our loved ones there we chose to get married in England. We went to see a lot of venues and as soon as we saw Farbridge, we fell in love and we just got that feeling that we did not get with any of other venues. 

It ticked all of our boxes and felt perfect for us. 

Tell me about your dress? Who was it designed by and was there a particular style you were drawn too?

The dress was not what I was looking for at all, it was the complete opposite of what I ever thought I would wear, the women at my dress appointment at Isabella Grace were fantastic. The eye they have for wedding dresses is exquisite and they chose my dress for me and insisted I try it on. 

I never thought I would wear such a fitted dress with so much lace and beading but it is absolute perfection and I am so excited to wear it on our wedding day. 

I added some detachable sleeves,  that my seamstress helped me design and source the fabric for. Stacey Anne Bridal, based in Eastbourne.  

The dress is designed by Martina Liana and I purchased it at Isabella Grace in Tunbridge Wells. 

What was the inspiration/theme/styling of your wedding?

The inspiration behind our wedding was always simple and classic with a modern twist. It is so hard to get lost in the styling of your wedding and fall in love with many different styles which is why Pinterest is so helpful and a crucial part of wedding planning (also the fun part). 

We wanted something classic that we know we will love forever, I loved the classic tuxedos and sunglasses looks for the men and the elegant bridesmaid dresses add to the classic theme.  We really enjoyed playing with multiple aspects of the wedding and liked adding a few modern twists (the neon sign). 

We also really enjoyed picking out a scent for our wedding day and having candles scattered throughout the venue added to the ambiance of the day and the romantic theme. 

Neutrals, black accents, golds and foliage

What is your first song and why?

It is one of our favorite songs and alongside the words really resonating with us and our relationship. We went to a festival when we were younger with all of our friends and Justin Timberlake headlined and this song has created a memory that we will forever remember, It was a real moment. We wanted to re create this moment again with our friends on our wedding day. 

What would be your number one tip to other couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy every single moment, you will only do this once and this is your moment. Take every single thing in, take photos, make memories along the away, make it fun. This is your day so do what makes you both happy and no one else. 

Check outAmy and Tom’s gorgeous Wedding at Farbridge in West Sussex below.

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The photography: All images were captured with two Canon R6 cameras.
Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM, Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM, and the Canon RF 85mm f/1.2L USM.

Other awesome suppliers from Amy and Tom’s gorgeous Wedding at Farbridge in West Sussex.

Hair stylist: Flo Foreman 
Instagram: @floforeman

Make up artist: Sahar Movahead
Instagram: @saharmova

Bridal dress design: Madilane bridal
Website: https://
Instagram: @madilanebridal

Brides dress boutique: Isabella Grace 
Website: https://
Instagram: @isabellagracebridal

Bridesmaids dresses: Pretty Lavish 
Website: https://
Instagram: @prettylavishuk

Groomsmen Suits: Dickies 
Website: https://
Instagram: @dickiesmensweareastbourne

Groom Suit: Moss Bross - White City - bespoke suit 
Website: https://
Instagram: @mossbross

Florist: Angel Flowers 
Website: https://
Instagram: @angellikeflowers

Cake: Emilys Mixing Bowl
Website: https://
Instagram: @emilysmixingbowl

Caterer: Cuckoo Catering 
Website: https://
Instagram: @farbridgeevents & @cuckoochefs

Venue styling: Stress free hire - Fairy lights 
Website: https://
Instagram: @stressfreehire

Venue styling: To have and to hire - Aisle runner and neon sign  
Website: https://
Instagram: @tohaveandtohire_weddings

Venue styling: Enchanted Events - LOVE letters and post box
Instagram: @enchantedevenhire

Band: A list 
Website: https://
Instagram: @alist_band

DJ: Carl Staples 
Website: https://
Instagram: @rezon8disco

Stationary: Wedding invites - Twist Stationary 
Website: https:// 
Instagram: @twist_stationary

Videographer: Dan Li
Website: https://
Instagram: @thecapturedpicturecompany

Photobooth: Photobot
Instagram: @photobotco


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