Winters Barns Wedding Venue Kent

Rustic Winters Barns weddingWinters Barns wedding venue Kent. This is one of my all-time favourite venues in Kent! This gorgeous location in Kent gives you the perfect Kent country wedding. Whether you are planning an intimate civil ceremony, or a more lavish, opulent reception, Winters Barns offers some bloody awesome spaces.

The L-shaped barns, with the ceremony room at one end and the reception room at the other, mean that you can enjoy a wedding at the venue whatever the weather. The ceremony room in the smaller section of the two barns can seat up to 150 guests, while the reception room seats up to 200.

After the ceremony, while you are enjoying your drinks reception, they will clear the ceremony room to make way for the couple’s first dance and the party can really get started! (Oh boy does it get started!)

They believe a wedding should remain completely private and they limit themselves to one wedding each day. You can be assured of getting their personal and individual attention without any distractions. (Baring in mind I’ve shot all around the world, I’ll tell you right now, these guys running your wedding are utterly amazing!)

At Winters Barns they are there to help and, should you wish, they can provide you with a number of suppliers who can help make your wedding party a dream occasion.

To check out more info on Winters Barns wedding venue Kent, head on over their website –

But before you do, want to see how Winters Barns wedding venue Kent looks in a real wedding or two? Just click an image below. There are some pretty awesome weddings!


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