The Expression – Why I Love This Picture!

Every wedding, I capture a few images that makes it into my favourite images category. This image is certainly one of those. Find out my thoughts below.

The image was taken during the outdoor speeches of one of the most amazing Kent weddings of the year. The step-father of the bride had taken his position and began his brilliant speaking performance. During the end of one of his comedy finishes, he glanced up and gave this expression.

The image captures everything from the speech. I love the look and the movement of the hands. You can tell a lot about an image due to hands and it gives the picture life. This image makes you smile as you feel yourself drawn into the story being told. You can’t help but feel you are just hearing the punchline to a amazing anecdotes.

I Love this image. I could look at this image for hours!

Steampunk wedding at nettlestead place in Kent


Let me know your thoughts. What does this image say to you? Drop me a comment below.

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