Milling Barn wedding with Laura and Daniel




Laura and Daniel’s Milling Barn wedding was simply beautiful. Nestled amidst the rolling countryside, Milling Barn exuded rustic charm and natural beauty. Its picturesque surroundings created the perfect backdrop for Laura and Daniel’s dream wedding. From the lush greenery to the enchanting barn, every aspect of this venue emanated a feeling of warmth and tranquility.

On the day of their wedding, Laura stepped into her gorgeous white gown, radiating with happiness and anticipation. Her smile sparkled brighter than any diamond, her eyes gleaming with excitement. Meanwhile, Daniel stood tall in his elegant suit, eagerly waiting to see his bride.

As the ceremony began, love filled the air. Friends and family gathered around, witnessing the heartfelt exchange of vows between Laura and Daniel. Their words resonated with sincerity and promises of a lifelong commitment. It was as if time stood still, capturing the essence of their love in every precious moment.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds ventured into the picturesque gardens surrounding Milling Barn. They laughed, embraced, and stole quiet moments together, as I discreetly captured each blissful second. The joy in their eyes illuminated the photographs, forever preserving their love in a collection of beautiful images.

Inside the barn, a world of enchantment awaited. Soft fairy lights twinkled overhead, casting a warm and intimate glow. Family and friends gathered to celebrate the union of two souls, dancing, laughing, and creating lifelong memories. The vibrant energy and overflowing happiness were a true testament to the love shared by Laura and Daniel.

As the night came to a close, Laura and Daniel bid their farewells, but their love story will continue to blossom for years to come.

This wedding was a testament to the power of love, the beauty of a shared commitment, and the magic of a perfect setting. Their celebration at Milling Barn showcased the harmony between nature and romance, resulting in a day of unforgettable moments, and I felt incredibly honored to have been there to capture their special day.


Photographer: Ross Hurley Photography
Instagram: @rosshurleyphoto

Videographer: Matilda bay
Instagram: @matildabayproductions

Makeup: Holly Carter Makeup
Instagram: @carter_hair_and_makeup

Cake: Laura Kate  

Flowers: Lizzie May 
Instagram: @lizziemayboutique