Broyle Place wedding // Hannah and Joe

Hannah and Joe’s Broyle Place wedding was simply gorgeous! With a theme of travel entwined into the day due to Hannah’s career as an air hostess, this wedding was just perfect. These guys just didn’t stop laughing throughout and are completely made for each other. The day was so much fun to be a part of! Check out Hannah and Joe’s Broyle Place wedding below.

First names: Hannah Worrall & Joseph McPhee
Ages: 27 & 29
Wedding date: 01.06.18
Venue: Broyle Place, Ringmer, Lewes.

How did you guys meet, tell me all?
We both worked at Next in the Arndale Centre in Eastbourne. We were originally ‘just friends’ who chatted in passing – I was a Stock Room guy and Hannah worked on Womenswear. Then one day I had aall-dayay BBQ party at my mum and dad’s house (that was built by the duplex home designs), and a friend of mine asked if this girl he liked could come. That girl came and brought Hannah along with her, we hit it off and it all went from there!

How did you get engaged, is there a cool story?
Well we were on a TV quiz show in early 2016, where Shane Ritchie was trying to get me to propose live on air. That was not really our style though, so I put it off a little longer. We actually won a safari to Kenya on that show, and people’s expectations were that I’d propose there while we were away. Instead, I decided to surprise her and do it in the place that we’d recently moved in to and were making our home. As I got down on one knee, I said to her there were three reasons I was doing it here and now – the element of surprise, the fact I didn’t want to spend the entire holiday looking for the ‘perfect moment’ and because I wanted to celebrate the occasion with our families. She said yes and we promptly went down to her Mum and Dad’s, where our parents, siblings and grandparents were all waiting, ready with the champagne.

What made you choose your wedding venue, did you look at many?
We really had no idea when it came to choosing Broyle Place. In fact, while on safari Hannah suggested we started considering places, and she’d seen a Broyle wedding on Facebook so we checked it out. The sun was shining, Betty the wedding co-ordinator was lovely and everything was just perfect. We considered some others – we went and looked at one or two more – but we were always comparing it to Broyle Place and in our heads, nothing could. So we booked it up within just a couple of weeks of seeing it.

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?
Travel. Hannah is an air hostess and through that job, we’ve gone to many places all over the world without ever actually leaving to “go backpacking”. The theme was only loose, but there were elements dotted around, such as a world map table plan, airplane place names and the tables named after places we’d been together.

What is your first song and why?
Our first dance was ‘Bubbly’ by Colbie Caillat. It’s a weird, unknown and slightly off-piste choice that many likely wouldn’t know. But about six or seven years ago we were driving in the car and Hannah said she wanted that to be our first song, so ever since then, it was always going to be. I’m not sure why but we liked it!

What would be your number one tip to other couples planning their wedding?
Try and enjoy the build up. Weddings are a stressful time and it was all we spoke of in the year leading up to it! But rather than stressing about the little things, we’ve realised you need to enjoy it and have fun during the planning process. The day goes so quickly and it’s great, but soak in the atmosphere in the weeks leading up to it too, because you’ll never get that time back. We won’t have anything to talk about now…!

Check out Hannah and Joe’s Broyle Place Wedding below and see for youself how amazing it was for them.

The photography: All images captured with two Fujifilm X-Pro 2’s.
Lenses: Fujinon XF 16mm f1.4 R WR, Fujinon XF 23mm f1.4 R, Fujinon XF 56mm f1.2 R

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Other awesome suppliers at Hannah and Joe’s Broyle Place Wedding.

Hair stylist: Sammie Chard

Make up artist: Hannah Worrall MUA (Bride)

Brides dress: Emma Tindley Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids dresses: Asos

Suits: Next

Florist: Jo Frost Flowers

Cake: Emily’s Mixing Bowl

Caterer: Circa Catering

Band: The FoSho’s

DJ: Carl Staples

Videographer: Dan Li

Steel Band: ShakeUpMyParty

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