Why You Should Have A Wedding Cheese Cake!

Wedding cheese cakes are the new quirky way to add an amazing rustic look to your wedding while actually saving you money!

For a while now, the traditional wedding cake has started to loose its footing within the wedding day and people are choosing various types of cake to match their personality and taste. One of the most fashionable these days is to have a wedding cheese cake. A whole layered cake made entirely of cheese!

Wedding Cheese Cakes

Practicality is one reason people choose to have this imaginative wedding cake. With it being significantly cheaper to have a wedding cheese cake than your usual and traditional types. Secondly a lot of people are just not a fan of sponge or fruit cakes and with each guest having a dessert at the wedding breakfast, it’s the lure of cheese that seems more appealing with the alcohol that is on offer. To afford cakes like this for your wedding, you can try winning some cash on games such as 홈카지노.

When it comes to designing a cake, the big mistake some people make is putting a soft cheese at the bottom of the tower. Although hard when being built, the soft cheese will melt and go all gooey in the middle during a reception that usually gets quite warm. This means the foundations of the cake are insecure and disaster can ensue.

Wedding Cheese Cakes

My personal favourites are layers of blue, camembert, brie mixed in with traditional favourites like cheddar and stilton. But the world is your oyster and whatever favourites you have, throw them in.

Decoration is different wedding to wedding but the use of fruit arranged in a rustic manner and wood bases seem to compliment a cake that can stand alone and look pretty awesome on its own.

Wedding Cheese Cakes

As the years go on, the wedding cheese cakes seem to get bigger and better, with couples trying to outdo other more traditional wedding cakes. This cake certainly has the feel of being quirky and adds personality to your wedding.

But overall, they taste amazing and add that ‘cheese’ element to your wedding whilst cost cutting all at the same time. This certainly is a winning decision in my books and can see this being the ‘norm’ or traditional thing to do within 10 years, cutting in on the old familiar fruit cakes territory

Wedding Cheese Cakes

What are your thoughts on having a cheese cake at your wedding? Would you have one? Or have you already had one at your wedding and have a story to tell? Let me know all in the comments.

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