Wedding Fashion And Style Trends For Grooms

It’s not often these wedding blogs are aimed at men, but today I focus this post on wedding fashion and style trends for grooms! I know myself when looking what was on offer to wear at my own wedding, the internet was limited with it’s choice and guidance. So I have decided to set things right and have published what’s hot in wedding fashion for grooms.

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

By Ross Hurley – Kent Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I get to see a lot of different wedding outfits. A lot of the time, they are your traditional morning suits. These grooms outfits have been seen through the decades without much change.

I myself wore a non traditional grooms suit, as I almost felt I had to. Most weddings I had attended are boring and people are not free to dress how they want, I even asked the best man to wear a fresh and traditional look using flock t-shirt printing and there were many who loved the idea to the point they will they will try it on their wedding.

This is where this post comes in that suggests more for mens clothing options. This blog article is here to help, educate and offer style guides. Some of which you may not have considered yourself.

Gents, it’s all about you here. There are no sparkly shoes, or pages of bridal gowns. Makeup is off the list and you will do well to even spot a weight loss advert. It’s about you and how to help you look dapper and feeling great on your wedding day!

A few years ago it was customary for the man to head off to Moss Bross and get him self kited out in a penguin suit and have his cravat match the bridesmaids dress. These days there is so much more to offer the groom, with a decent 3 piece suit from House of Fraser or Next, costing less to buy than a traditional suit is to hire.

Whether you are going for the relaxed, smart or trendy groom, I have many different style ideas to help you find that right look for you.

Even if on a day to day basis you don’t feel you wear anything particularly ‘fashionable’, this is your wedding day. It’s time to look the part, and create a cool look that everyone will be talking about.

Yes, the wedding day is mainly geared towards your bride, but what’s to stop you getting a little bit of the compliments flying around.

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Tweed suits have been making a resurgence, with beautiful texture, pattern and links to the countryside. Many a stylish groom are opting for this fabric. An abundance of colours and styles are available on the high street and by bespoke tailors. Plus it seems to go quite well with the beard!

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

Blue suit

Very fashionable at the moment is the blue suit. Especially when worn with brown brogues, these suits, in many fabric choices can look pretty cool.

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

Bow Tie

The bow tie is bang on trend at the moment and looks really suave. You can go bold with pattern or colour, knitted or silk. You could make your own or buy fairly inexpensively to compliment your wedding day look. A great store to buy bow ties from is Mrs Bow Tie. Tell them I sent you!

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

Black Tie

If you want to look sophisticated then why not opt for the black tie, sharp suit or tuxedo. This look is very popular in the States and is certainly making headway over here in the UK. Try different fabrics, textures or linings for a unique look.

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms


Why not create a cool and alternative look that includes your own personality and style. A top hat can look pretty awesome at any wedding when aded to an alternative look. This is rockabilly merged with steampunk and has a great feel to it.

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

Brown Suits

This suit adds that touch of class and country feel. This also looks great in tweed and certainly moves you away from the traditional look seen at most weddings! Add a long skinny tie or even a bow tie. Sunglasses are a must.

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

Grey Suits

This particular suit looks great with the yellow tie, breaking up what could be quite a mono tone suit. It’s more of a traditional look, however when fitted well it can look as cool as this, helping you create that subtle statement.

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms


Another thing bang on trend at the moment is brogues! You just can’t beat a pair for style and brown certainly seems to be the colour of choice.

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

Here are a few more style ideas from past weddings. Something to help you get an idea of what you would like to wear with what.

Wedding Fashion & Style Trends For GroomsWedding Fashion & Style Trends For Grooms

I hope this has been some help in deciding what to wear at your wedding. Please pin this to your Pinterest boards and leave me a comment below with any ideas you have for your wedding.

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