Lydia and Alex’s Selsdon Estate wedding in South London was simply gorgeous. This elegant wedding inspired by tradition, with a modern twist, was everything these guys could have wished for. Check out their beautiful wedding day below.

First names: Alex and Lydia
Ages: Alex -37, Lydia – 30
Wedding date: 02/09/2021
Venue: De Vere Selsdon Estate

How did you guys meet, tell me all?
Like a lot of couples we met at work. After an initial meeting in the briefing room we first got to know each other when I mistook Lydia trying desperately hard not to be sick while someone was throwing their guts up all over a tree on Aldwych for her not knowing what to say to him in order to let him know he’d been ruled out as a suspect for a GBH. The following shift I baked brownies. Although I made out that it was for the whole team it was really just because I wanted to impress Lydia. They were still warm when I got to in and I think it worked!

I went out walking with Lydia that night and while walking around Soho in the early hours jumped out of my skin when a plastic bag blew in front of me. Lydia to this day wont let me forget about that. Later on after saying I didn’t want to go down a particular road Lydia said “Awww is it because you’re afraid of the mice and the rats?”

We worked together a few times during April and May 2016, and then on May 30th I asked her if she wanted to go to breakfast after a nightshift. Although we ended up having a third wheel I asked her out, by text, while I was on a train home listening to “Rock you like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions.

How did you get engaged, is there a cool story?
I was lucky enough to be given a playstation 4 by my mum for my 32nd birthday. I gave Lydia my playstation 3 along with all the Assassin’s Creed games that had been released by that point. She absolutely loved them and became totally hooked on the series. We went away to Bologna for a few days for Lydia’s 29th birthday, and I planned out a tour of Florence, an hour away by train, where Assassin’s Creed 2 is set. It’s my favourite in the series and a lot easier to visit than the Caribbean where Lydia’s favourite game was set.

I’d planned to ask her to marry me at the top Giotto’s Bell Tower but the queue was massive. The main character in Assassin’s Creed 2 is called Ezio Auditore. We visited the building on which his house was based, the Palazzo Strozzi, and I took my chance, remembering a drunken conversation where Lydia had told me that she thought I would ask her to marry her at Ezio’s house and I had to tell her that she was only setting herself up for a big disappointment if we were to go to Florence. I asked a couple of American tourists to take a photo of us, went into the centre of the courtyard and said “Do you remember when you thought I’d ask you to marry me at Ezio’s House? Well will you?” and gave her the engagement ring. I didn’t get down on one knee because at the time that part of Italy was suffering the worst flooding and heaviest rain in decades and I didn’t want to get my knee wet.

What made you choose your wedding venue, did you look at many?
We went and saw the police sports club at the warren, and Addington Palace (Who since went bankrupt leaving their customers thousands of pounds out of pocket) When we went to see Selsdon Park Hotel it was a cold, soaking wet December night. Despite getting absolutely drenched walking up the drive it looked amazing. We went for a drink in the bar and were pretty much decided on the venue. I went to my friend’s sister’s wedding there in 1996 or 1997 and remembered that being great. Sadly they said we can’t have a mobile petting zoo attend. Whenever I mention that Lydia holds her head in her hands and goes “he did seriously ask”

What was the inspiration/theme of your wedding?
Other than naming our tables after the Assassin’s Creed characters we haven’t really got a theme.

What is your first song and why?
I met Lydia and her friend Vicks at Jax on Kings Road , who unfortunately can’t make the wedding. Vicks gave me the whole “Lydia’s brilliant so you better not hurt her” sort of thing. I said to her “You know that song, I want to know what love is, by Foreigner, well Lydia has shown me” Reading what I’ve just written is pretty cringy and makes me feel a little bit sick, but that’s the reason why we chose that song. I hadn’t actually told Lydia about the conversation with Vicks until just now.

What would be your number one tip to other couples planning their wedding?
Don’t stress over the minor things. There’s so many things being planned that you’d just ruin your day if you keep stressing over the food not being perfect, looking fat in your suit, or anything like that.

Check out Lydia and Alex’s Selsdon Estate Wedding below.

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