Hi, I’m Ross! I was a national press photographer for all the newspapers you probably read on the train to work. You've probably already seen my work, but just never realised. ;-)

A few years ago, I was given the chance to photograph a wedding my way, in my own style. It made me realise, weddings don’t always have to be about fake smiles and boring poses. A wedding can be photographed in a fresh, modern way, and so I was hooked and have never looked back. I just love being a Kent wedding photographer!

To me wedding photography is about the love, the laughter, the smile and the exchanging of glances. It’s about the moments you laugh so hard you just can’t breath, it’s about those crazy dance moves, the jokes, the tears and all those in-between moments that tell the story of your day.

I have been a photographer since 2001, having worked in the music press and national press, long before I started shooting weddings. It's in this experience I believe makes me a little different and alternative, to some of the guys and girls who now shoot weddings.

Below is me! I hate my picture being taken... so I'm probably in the same boat as many of you guys. The way I see it, if the person photographing me can make me laugh or at least make me feel comfortable, then i'm ok. Just. 

Ross Hurley Photography

I’m not one to bore you with the technicalities of photography and why I do it.

Instead, as I could spend a large part of your wedding day with you, it might be better giving you an insight into me with some interesting and not so interesting facts.

So, here goes…

I live with my gorgeous wife (Becca), our amazing 3 year old twins Chloe & George, and our two cats in Kent.

In 2017, Our twins Chloe and George were born at the end of February very premature! I could fit them in the palm of my hand. Seven weeks in incubators later and they were released onto the unsuspecting world. Very little sleep went on in the Hurley household around then...

In 2020 (Covid times), they are both little people, running all over the place. George loves anything aircraft or train-related and Chloe loves dressing up in her Mum's clothes. The pool has been out and we've had a blast. 

In 2021 Where on earth has the time gone? The pandemic has been tough on our little family, and probably the wedding industry as a whole. But it seems we're back on track. Our little babies, who fitted in the palm of my hand 4 years ago, sitting in an incubator, in hospital, will now head off to school in September. Blooming nora!

After photographing wedding, I do love a nice cup of tea and a bowl of ceral when I get home. 

I was once a press photographer working with News Of The World among many other large UK newspapers and magazines. Have I got some secrets to share one day!!

Before the press days, I was a music photographer for national magazines, shooting the likes of The White Stripes, Blur and The Killers.

I was a finalist at The Kent Wedding Awards 2016

I was shortlisted as ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ at The 2015 & 2016 Wedding Industry Awards.

I love to make people happy with my photographs. To hear so many amazing comments about my pictures makes this job so worth while.

Things I love: Weddings, peanut butter, whiskey, live music, victoria sponge cake, A good gin and tonic, Netflix, walks in the country and a good leather jacket. But most importantly, spending time with my wife and family. Nothing beats it.

I am a big music buff and just love indie/rock. I was big into Britpop when I was at college and my editing office is never quiet. I now love to surf Spotify to find new music.

*NEW* I have a Spotify playlist that I update almost daily. If something hits my fancy, I add it. I love musical recommendations, bands to watch etc, so here are the songs i'm currently listening to. Feel free to follow along. 


Ross Hurley Photography