I get many questions thrown at me. Some pretty standard and usual, some right out there and plain weird. Here I try to cover the most frequent questions I get. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, send me an email to info@rosshurley.com and I’ll do my best to answer it for you.

What style of wedding photographer are you?

I mix storytelling wedding photography with modern and romantic editorial-styled wedding portraits. This means, for the most part, I try not to interfere too much with proceedings and let the day unfold around me. I am there to capture the story, that helps you relive the day for years to come. I blend this with some gorgeous pictures of you the bride & groom, in a very natural and editorial way, that captures the love and soul of your relationship.

We’re super nervous about having our wedding pictures taken?

Who isn’t a little camera shy!? I hate my photo being taken, so I completely understand the feeling. During the ‘couple time’, it will be fun, very enjoyable and you won’t feel awkward at all. We literally have a mooch around the grounds for half an hour using some cool light, creating some gorgeous portraits of you both. Nothing is set in stone to where we go, so it’s all very unplanned and relaxed. This helps create some very natural-looking pictures of you both.

How long will you stay at our wedding?

I’m with you from bridal preparation (around 120 minutes before the ceremony begins) right up until the first dance.

Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding

Are you Full time? Who attends our wedding?

I am! I’m a full-time wedding photographer. I’ve been a professional photographer for some years. I started back in 2002 as a music photographer and then moved into the press. I photographed for the likes of The Mail, News of the Word, The Sun, The People and many more.

I either photograph your wedding alone. or with a second photographer. The choice is yours. Plus, if you’re looking for a videographer, I recommend some amazing film makers!

Can we ask you to photograph in a different style?

Photographing a wedding in a romantic and editorial style, I don’t photograph some things you may think are standard at a wedding. I like to concentrate on the natural, fun images of your day, which means I don’t photograph very many setup group pictures. I’m not a fan of cheesy wedding photography either. I’m sure we have all seen the pictures of a bride being picked up by the ushers like a fish. It’s just not me and I like to keep things more natural, elegant, modern, and real.

So if you would like me to photograph a wedding like that and different to what I’m good at, my advice would be to book a photographer who specialises in that area. The reason – they are good at what they do and will give you better results if that’s your bag. But if you want more modern, natural wedding photography, I’m your guy.

Do you photograph group pictures?

I don’t photograph very many groups or posed pictures of guests. I concentrate on the more natural, candid story of your day.

Be aware that groups in themselves take a very long time to do and can be a fairly dull period for guests. There is always someone at the bar or in the toilet. The more setup stuff you have, the less time you have for images by yourselves, and the fun candid, storytelling images.

I photograph a quick Parents, Siblings and Grandparents shot on the Brides side, then one of the Grooms. We then do a quick swap and get a wedding party image of Bridesmaids, Ushers & Best men. But that’s it – They then can all head off to the bar and relax.

I would say if you are looking for lots more group pictures of different friendship groups, cousins, aunts uncles, etc, then you might want to aim toward a more traditional wedding photographer.

Tipi wedding in Kent with Emma and Ben

Do you photograph a large group shot?

No. I don’t photograph a large group shot as it’s quite a dated shot these days. You essentially have a choice of one picture of everyone being dragged from the bar all looking at the camera grinning. Or alternatively, have 10-15 more pictures of cool & interesting shots of your guests naturally enjoying the day.

Are there any hidden costs?

The prices quoted are fully inclusive. There are no hidden extra’s.

Do you charge for travel?

Travel and accommodation are included in my latest wedding packages within the UK and Europe. Just request a brochure to find out more.

Southlands Barn wedding with Lauren and Jack

Can we have a discount?

I understand the question and realise we all have our own particular budget to stick to.

Unfortunately, I don’t offer any discount. I only shoot a certain number of weddings a year so I can spend time with my family. A wedding on any day, consists of the same amount of work, around 8-10 weeks post-processing to my signature style.

But I certainly do understand budget constraints and realise a wedding can be an expensive affair. So I wouldn’t want to put pressure on your finances.

There are some cracking photographers out there and I’m sure some will offer a discount or two. My advice, however, is to book with the photographer whose style fits you both best. Try to pick on quality and not necessarily on offer. Easily said than done I know, but remember, you only do this once. So have the best possible photographer you can afford.

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Do we get the photos on CD?

No. Your photo’s come on an amazing USB housed in a very cool wooden box. Much better than a CD.

What happens if you are sick on the day?

It has never happened, but I have a network of photographers who I can call upon if need be. I would need to be pretty sick to not attend a wedding, so it’s very very unlikely.

Elegant wedding at The Orangery in Maidstone

Are you insured?

Yes! I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance…and of course, my equipment is all insured.

What equipment do you use?

My cameras are the very latest and highest spec mirrorless cameras on the market. Two amazing Canon R6 cameras with a combination of lenses. At the time of writing, it is suggested that these are the very best cameras for a wedding photographer. A statement I thoroughly agree with.

My backup, should they fail for any reason, is two Fujifilm X-T3 cameras, and numerous lenses. The very setup I used between 2016 and 2021.

Who owns the copyright of the wedding pictures?

I do. But I give you full printing rights. Meaning you can print, copy and display how you please. I own the copyright for commercial reasons. For instance, if a large brand wanted to use one of your wedding pictures, they would need to discuss image rights with me beforehand. I, of course, would let you guys know anyway, and if you didn’t want it happening, it wouldn’t.

Tipi wedding in Kent with Emma and Ben

Are your prices guaranteed?

For bookings made now, I guarantee the price stays as is at booking. Price sheets usually go up each year otherwise.

Do you supply wedding albums?

I do! I can create a gorgeous Folio album, which is by far the best album company this side of the moon. However, it’s not compulsory as the pictures are yours to print, copy or display as you please. This allows you to then get an album made privately if you so wish.

Do you do a site visit of a venue if you’ve not been before?

No. As you can imagine, I have photographed a lot of places. Whether that was in the music or press days, or now within weddings. In the press, I couldn’t go to a location a week before, to look at it before an event took place! So you learn to adapt and become a quick-thinking, good photographer.

I work very off the cuff at weddings, so I wouldn’t like to predetermine what a wedding should look like before the day has even begun. Plus I work to the light, which can be different on a daily basis.

If I’m at a wedding venue I’ve not been to before, I generally turn up a little earlier and have a walk around, become familiar with the layout, and can usually spot some nice picture opportunities pretty quickly.

Do you have a contract?

Yes! It is sent over with booking details.

How long before we get our photos?

The pictures come through to you in 3 phases.

Initially, I try and get a couple of pictures out within a few days. So you have something to see straight after the wedding.

I then try and get a highlights post created for you within the first 2 weeks, that goes live on my website. This consists of 80+ images that tells the story of your day.

The full set is then completed and delivered between 8-10 weeks from the wedding date, depending on how busy I am during the wedding season. 

How long does it take to get the album created?

After you receive your fully edited wedding gallery, you can start to put together your favourites for the album. There is no set time for this as I want you to choose the ones you want without any pressure. I generally create albums in the off-season, between January and March, so you will have planty of time to decide.

Once the images are chosen and I have designed the album for you, it is sent off to Folio to be created.

Kent wedding photographer

How much is the deposit?

A 20% deposit is required to secure the date –  The remainder is due 6 weeks before the wedding. Payments can be made by BACS transfer or cheque.

Are you a member of any professional body?

I am very proudly a member of The Wedding Photojournalist Association and am a Fearless wedding photographer. Plus I’m a member of This Is Reportage.