Below is a list of available dates for your engagement shoot. Please choose the date that best suits you and let me know as soon as possible as popular dates go very quickly.

Please try and arrange your engagement shoot between 6 and 2 weeks before your wedding day. If it’s organised after this, due to turnaround times, you may not get the engagement pictures back before the wedding. So please allow 14 days at the very minimum. Each shoot will take place at 10am on the chosen date.

The shoot will be at a different location to your wedding venue and we want it to be as natural as possible. i.e. man-made parks with flat grass and flower beds do not look visually exciting. Whereas a natural country park, or woodland has a more wild, interesting feel. The coast offers some beautiful views and a walk through London gives an elegant, modern vibe which looks really cool and romantic. Have a look through the list below and check out my favourite pre-wedding shoot locations.

London (Marylebone or Chelsea area)

Botany Bay

Lyminge Forest (Tall Tree Woodland)


Hemsted Forest (Tall Tree Woodland)


Camber Sands

Shorne Country Park

Beachy Head/St Margarets Bay

As the shoot is about you both as a couple, about how you interact with each other and getting comfortable with me as your photographer, I ask you to leave your little ones, any family members, and pets at home.

What to wear

Dress up for the shoot, look smart and try to colour-coordinate if you can. It creates a much more romantic aesthetic.

Pastel colours work best if you have them, light browns, beige, sand colour, or simply black and white. I’d say try and avoid bright colours.

Also try not to have any bags or large puffy coats with you. If you need a coat, keep it as thin as you can and if you do have a bag, try and keep it to a small shoulder bag, like you were on an evening out.

Hope that all helps.

Once you have chosen a specific date that is available, please scroll to the bottom of this page and fill in the form. I’ll then confirm that the date has been saved for you. If you have any questions, drop me an email to

Pre-Wedding Shoot Availability

Please be aware, dates between April and October are limited due to the wedding season.

Simply pick a date and fill in the form below.


9th January – Luis and Hannah

13th January – Jamie and Jack


3rd February – Abbie and Ryan

10th February – Jane and Ben


16th March – Gabrielle and Samuel

24th March – Grace and Howard


28th April – Hollie and Marcus


12th May – Pandora and Andrew


27th June – Emma and Ben

28th June – Chloe and George

29th June – Zoe and Chris

30th June


14th July – Beth and Rory

18th July

19th July

20th July

21st July – Alannah and Patrick

24th July

25th July

26th July

27th July – Evie and Ben

28th July – Katherine and Steven


8th August

9th August

14th August

15th August

16th August

17th August

18th August

23rd August


12th September

13th September

14th September

15th September

19th September

20th September

26th September

27th September

28th September

29th September

October to December dates coming soon

Now you have your chosen date, fill in the form below and don’t forget your full name, preferably the name you originally booked with. I will then check the calendar to make sure nothing has come through in the meantime and then confirm by email.

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