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Alternative wedding photography in Kent

I am am a Kent wedding photographer who shoots alternative wedding photography in Kent and around the UK. From the early days of old fashioned, dull and boring wedding photography, couples now seek something different and cool for their wedding albums.

Alternative wedding photography

Before I was an alternative wedding photographer, I cut my teeth within music and press, photographing the likes of Blur, The Killers and The White Stripes.

It was a style of photography that was arty, quirky and gritty. It lead me to look at my own style more and the experimental side of photography.

Back in those days, wedding photography was seen as a little boring, stuffy and definitely old fashioned. It was a form of photography I thought i’d never enter and be apart of.

It was a form of photography that didn’t inspire. We’ve all seen those dull, posed and very staged wedding images outside a dodgy community centre and the selective coloured image of a bouquet full of colour, but the rest in black and white! Add to that it was a photographer who turned up in a colourful kipper tie and barked orders while shooting 50 group pictures of the same thing.

Wedding photography was in a bad place for many years. I don’t think the 90’s are a period within the wedding industry to remember fondly.

Jet, The White Stripes, Noel Gallagher and The Killers

A few images from my music press days. From left to right, Jet, The White Stripes, Noel Gallagher and The Killers.

However fast forward 10 years and while getting married myself to my wonderful wife Rebecca, I saw that the wedding industry had changed and couples were more open to being themselves and incorporating their own ideas and passions into their wedding day.

I saw an opening! It was on my own honeymoon that I realised I could take my experiences within the music press and incorporate them into alternative wedding photography in Kent and beyond.

Since that point, I happily attract couples who are very like minded to myself. Who have a particular style, a look if you will.

Couples who add their own unique personal touches to their wedding and create a unique and alternative wedding day.

I thought i’d post a few examples of some cool and and alternative wedding photography from my last few years. I just love it when couples do their own thing and create such unique day for their guests.

This steampunk wedding was truly incredible, where not only did the bride and groom looked amazing, but their entire wedding guest also dressed according. Inspired by Jules Verne, this was one amazing wedding!

Alternative wedding photography

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Another couple who would be seen as a fairly alternative couple, mixed a pastel coloured wedding with some very cool and funky ideas all within the beautiful backdrop of a gorgeous venue in Cornwall.

Alternative wedding photography

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This couple decided the traditional wedding was not for them and changed almost every aspect of the day. From not wearing white, to including some rather fancy dance moves walking down the aisle, this village fete themed wedding had guests claiming it was the wedding of the century.

Alternative wedding photography

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This beautiful wedding included small aspects of the traditional day, but from the groom wearing an incredible purple jacket to the line dancing in the evening, this wedding certainly included the title alternative.

Alternative wedding photography

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Alternative doesn’t always mean completely out of the ordinary, but it can just be a slight change to the normal by including things that mean something to you. Not only did this couple source everything at their wedding from local suppliers, they included small aspects that meant a lot to them from a cool camper van to the first dance by a band called Beans on Toast.

Alternative wedding photography

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This couple were married at the beautiful Secret Garden In Kent and chose to have a beautiful rustic wedding that was certainly a far cry from the traditional church ceremony. From the gorgeous ceremony in the gardens to the very interesting decor inside, this romantic wedding had everything the couple wanted and more.

Alternative wedding photography

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You see, alternative wedding photography in Kent doesn’t always mean a Batman and Robin wedding. It can mean anything that is not quite the traditional wedding your mum and dad had, It’s an alternative twist, it’s a day that includes thing you want to do and not what you must do.

This is the kind of wedding I specialise in and take great pride in photographing. With my unique style that feeds down from my music press days missed with a cool and creative couple who have tailor made their own big day, it’s a match made in heaven!

Have you got an alternative wedding? Would you like someone there who has photographed an alternative wedding many times? Get in touch and let me know all about your day! I need to know the date, ceremony and reception details and most importantly all the ideas you have!

Let’s chat about your day!

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